Friday, 25 July 2014

V8597 Revisited


A while ago I made a Vogue knit top out of a too stretchy bargain table knit and was disappointed with the results see post. One of my readers, Coco of Coco's Loft suggested using a different knit. The original top has been worn a fair bit under jackets and other layers so even though it did not turn out perfectly I've made it again. I bought a piece of lovely grey knit with a black overlay full of holes for $6 in my local Vinnie's charity shop and gave V8597 another go.

I refined the fit and made the shoulder and back neck a bit smaller and stay stitched the seam that goes from front arm scye to back neck to the other arm scye. That and the double layer material made all the difference.

The top has an interesting order of construction. The back neck seam is sewn first, the sleeve midline seams are next, then the sleeves are attached to the back. Then the whole front/arms section is attached to the front and funnel. Side seams then a quick serge of all the raw edges and I had my top.

This is what I hoped for.  I feel like spider woman!

I remembered to do a sway back adjustment.

Re finding wonderful things in op shops it's very hit and miss. I pop into that particular shop whenever I am shopping in my locality and nine times out of ten I rummage through the sewing section then come out with nothing. But sometimes I find something like this. Here's a close up of the material.

The wrinkles were smoothed out before I pinned and cut! There is more leftover for something else..the child of mine may want to get her hands on it..

Thanks to Sharon of Petite and Sewing for showing me how good ripped overlay knit can look in real life!

We all pinch ideas take inspiration from each other, we sewists..hehe

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

V8806 Dress

Dear Bloggers,

I've had V8806 in my pattern stash ever since it came out and always thought it would make a good beach dress/swim cover up garment.

Of course it would make a good casual summer dress with hood as a fashion statement. At the end of our previous Aussie summer I dithered about thinking it would be great made up in my teal linen but at the end I could not, wanting to keep it for a shirt (it became the  teal linen Archer shirt) so the dithering continued.

Then in our autumn I joined a gym. There is a long cold corridor between the sauna and the indoor pool and I never bothered getting my towel out of my locker, preferring one dash to two but I  came up with the idea of making V8806 out of some double sided terry toweling from E.M. Greenfields, Sydney and make what is essentially a long hoodie.

Posing on my balcony early this morning, pretending it's summer..

Regarding the gorgeous terry toweling I knew this material, double sided and lush, was really too thick for sewing any sort of garment and that I should be making a poncho with a hood, if anything, but when I pre washed it the pile settled down a bit so I went ahead. Oh my! So hard. It took endless patience and a walking foot and much kicking of self. I eliminated the shoulder dart and the hood dart by folding them out before cutting and during construction I almost left out the zip to make this a throw on. But I was determined to finish it and finish it I did. I added two little round 'grommet' buttonholes that my Bernina can do to the hood on the outside of the hood edge hem allowance for a white drawstring to tie in visually with the zip. 

I love the pattern. As a dress in linen or hemp or bamboo it would be great. I love how the hood falls (see side view). I already have some hemp with this pattern's name on it. 

The pattern instructs you to line the bodice and hood to give a clean finish for the hood/neck junction but even on a summer fabric I think I would use only one layer for our hot summers and just bind the neckline in self bias.

The other thing is this dress needs pockets in the side seams but there was no way I was even going to do patch pockets on this toweling. The other problem with this dress is that once I have it on I don't want to take it off. That says something :))

It could become a house dress in the tradition of 'I don't know what I am going to wear today but I can actually open the front door in this if I have to'. Like in the fifties. Not everything about that era worn by our mothers or grandmothers was glamourous, kids.

Keep on sewing
and carry on..
Or words to that effect..


Winner July give away

Hello all,

Once again, in my year of give aways there is a winner. It was a close race with only a few contenders..

The winner is Paola of La Sartora, so Paola email me. It's Christmas in July for you!