Monday, 6 October 2014

V1349 as a cycling outfit

Ok, this is the last time that I'll blog about V1349 for a while but definitely not the last time I'll make it.

For those of you that haven't read my blog, I have made V1349 up in a stable knit for my daughter (see previous post) but I wanted to show you the result of my original vision.

I will eventually sew the little sack dress of DKNY's vision but I had to use that fabulous seaming for my vision...

Here I am in my outfit about to go cycling.

The glow in the dark green snakeskin print is for visibility and because I loved it.

The shorts are a modified version of Burdastyle 126/3/2012 three part pants blogged here.

The top is long enough and just loose enough, the pants go high at the back waist and it's comfortable. The armholes are modest and just the right size.

That's what I looked for and did not find in RTW exercise gear which when it fits through the shoulder and chest tends to be too tight through the waist and hips. The stuff that fits at the waist is baggy through the armholes. I got sick of that so the result of RTW frustration is this! And it worked!

I'm on a mission to get my fitness and my waist back and just to feel better generally. I even feel like socializing again.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

DD models V1349

Hello everyone,

Today I managed to get some photos of my daughter wearing V1349 that I made up into a snakeskin print top and self drafted skirt, blogged about here

She was happy with the fit and likes the pieces as separates even more than as an outfit.

Ta Da!

Ok, serious poses

Top V1349 and Style Arc Elle Pants 

That's the end folks.

I've started something. Number two top for DD is already in the pipeline, after a top for me.

Happy Sewday,


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

V1349 made into a top

Ah! There's nothing like a quick serger project.

I have just made up  V1349 on Pattern Review (reviewed by two others) up as a top for my daughter. The material is a fabulous spongy viscose python print knit that is almost like the neoprene that's so trendy now. I bought it at the Fabric Store a couple of months ago. It didn't shrink when washed and it dries in next to no time. It was a big hit with my daughter who said "Make me a skirt please!"
It's at the end of the post.

There was also just enough for a top with self bindings and it became this:

V1349 Front

V1349 Back

Regarding the pattern I was attracted to the line drawings rather than the pattern cover and although I have seen some great woven versions of this dress I love the style of it for a knit top and bought it in order to make some colour blocked exercise gear. 

Both reviewers on Pattern Review said that the pattern ran loose when made up in wovens so I knew I would have to scale down the fit.

I'd compared my daughter's measurements to the finished measurements on the pattern then gone down a size as suggested but still ended up taking it in 1cm along the sides to give it the fit that it needs. I've left on that 1cm in the seam allowance rather than serging it off as insurance.

For the skirt - my daughter's original request - I used a pattern that I'd made previously from one of her RTW skirts, blogged about here 

As with the top I also kept the side seam allowances on the skirt. At the moment the whole outfit should just skim but not cling. How do I know? If it is just that bit too tight on me it ends up perfect on her but I can't wait to see her in it. I am going to try to get photos soon.

Self drafted A-line skirt with yoke

Keep on sewing,